Running through menopause

Coaching, support, advice and more…

Are you struggling to keep running as you move through your menopause years? Is the training that you used to do no longer working for you? Perhaps you sometimes feel as if running is not for you?

As your hormone levels fluctuate and your body changes, you may well need to train differently, and that’s where my menopause-friendly services can help you get back, and stay, on track. Have a read of my blog and take a look at the one-to-one and group coaching options I offer. Wherever you are in your menopause journey, there’ll be something I can do to help you!

One-to-one coaching

If you’re looking for bespoke support with your running, then one-to-one coaching is for you! Read about my menopause-friendly training plans and coaching options, and how they can help you…

Group coaching

If you’re looking for advice and support within a group setting, then find out more about the virtual RTM coaching group and other one-off options.

Running through menopause Facebook group

If you’re looking to join an active, rapidly-growing community of peri- and post-menopausal runners, then join the free Running through menopause group on Facebook.


“Thank you so much – 10k race done and a PB too. Rachel has trained me back to 10k strength as the menopause was causing me all sorts of problems. She has done a fantastic job and I couldn’t have done this without her help”

Sara, 1:1 coaching (2020)

” I followed Rachel’s marathon plan, which was quite different to what I’d done before – and knocked 14 minutes off my marathon time in the process!”

Helena, RTM coaching group (2021)

“This is the most informative group I’ve ever been a member of on FB. I don’t regularly look at FB, but when I do, I catch up on some of the posts on here and there’s some excellent advice I’ve taken away. Thank you!”

Emma, Running through menopause Facebook group (2021)