It’s the small things…

I was asked a great question by one of my regular clients this morning. “What’s been your biggest coaching success?” she wanted to know. That put me on the spot! My gut reaction was to mention a couple of women I’ve worked with who achieved great results – from non-runner to a decent marathon time in just a few months, and from injured 10K runner to a big PB. But driving home, the words that had come out of my mouth just didn’t sit right with me. Yes, those were great successes for both the runners and myself, but were they the ones where I’d really helped make the most difference? Were they examples I found most rewarding? In a nutshell, I decided no.

It’s the small things that I consider to be my biggest successes. It’s the work I did with the runner who was about to give up – forever – because she was feeling so tired all of the time. Working through what she was doing and making a few tweaks here and there gave her the energy to be able to carry on. It’s the suggesting how to add strength work to a runner’s training week that helped reduce the fatigue in her legs and allowed her to keep going with the long off-road runs she loved. It’s the talking through how to fit running into a busy and stressful life, helping the client to make best use of the time she had. And it’s the supporting a runner to have the confidence to go and seek medical advice when needed. Each of those small things made a massive impact on the runner and enabled them to keep going, happy and injury-free. As a coach, it’s those small things that fulfill me the most.

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