How to do it: your menopause-friendly long run

It’s that time of year again; that time when training plans are starting to kick in as you start to prepare for events ahead. Increasing the distance of your long runs can feel quite intimidating at the best of times – even if you have done many before, building back up again can feel aContinue reading “How to do it: your menopause-friendly long run”

It’s the small things…

I was asked a great question by one of my regular clients this morning. “What’s been your biggest coaching success?” she wanted to know. That put me on the spot! My gut reaction was to mention a couple of women I’ve worked with who achieved great results – from non-runner to a decent marathon timeContinue reading “It’s the small things…”

Fatigue – 5 questions to ask yourself

When someone requests to join the ‘Running through menopause’ Facebook community, one of the pre-approval questions asks how menopause has had an impact on their running. And the most commonly written answer? It’s fatigue, or some variation of. Sometimes it’s fatigue when running, sometimes it’s fatigue from general life; sometimes it’s both, and sometimes weContinue reading “Fatigue – 5 questions to ask yourself”