Group coaching

If you’re looking for support, guidance and advice with your running but don’t want to take the step to one-to-one coaching, then take a look at how I can help you within a group setting. Whether it’s with a longer-term programme, a one-off virtual session, or a face-to-face talk, the following options can help…

National Running Show talk, 2020

RTM coaching group

This virtual coaching community is for those of you who want regular support, guidance and advice with your running, and to meet other women who are experiencing the same challenges as you. Meeting via Zoom and a private Facebook group, the group also has access to a range of menopause-friendly training plans. There are options to join both monthly and annually. Find out more and sign up here.

One-off talks, webinars and more

Coming soon!

Bespoke talks, webinars and more

If you’re part of a group of women who’d be interested in learning more about how to run well through menopause, then why not book a bespoke session tailored to their interests and needs? These can be arranged online, or face-to-face within the UK. Previous talks and topics given include ‘Running through menopause’ at the National Running Show (2020) and ‘Menopause and exercise’ for the MOD Menopause Network (2021). Please get in touch for more information.


“I’ve found it so useful and informative.”

Andrea (RTM coaching group, 2021)